KeyMe App



Mar 2016 - Present



Sketch / Invision / Zeplin



  •  UX/UI designer. 
  • Conducted user testings and collected user feedback and define pain points. 
  • Iterated the old user flow and optimized the order experience.
  • Independently designed several integrated features to both iOS and Android App.

The Project Overview

KeyMe app is one of KeyMe's main products. It's a secure way to copy, share and personalize keys and solve frustrating lockouts. Users can scan and save a key in the app and then print copies at KeyMe kiosks. Users can also share a digital copy of their keys to friends and families, who can print a physical copy at any of our kiosks.  



  • Optimize the user flow for better user experience
  • Successfully linked the two platforms together and bring users to the kiosks.

download (1).png

Phase ONE - User Research (Interviews & Testings)

To identify design problems, I scheduled and conducted user interviews with first time users and existing users. I identified first time users from online surveys. To find current users, I collected contact information from kiosk field study.  

Through interviews & testings on the current app, I try to understand:

  • Their overall key duplication experience and their lockout experience. 
  • Their habit in terms of keys (how many keys they have? how they keep them and etc.) 
  • What are their initial thoughts of using AI vs. locksmith? What they care the most? 
  • For first time users, what bring them to download KeyMe app?  What are they most excited about? 
  • For existing users, how did they know KeyMe app?  What was the last time they use KeyMe app and for what? 
  • Their overall experience of using KeyMe app. Can they successfully scan and order keys?



  • From the user interviews, I identified three types of users that would use our app. I summarized the pattern
  • of each group. Persona helps us to focus on the main user cases and influnce which features  we would prioritize in
  • order to gradually complete optimizing the overall experience. 

User Testings: 

Through the testings with the identified user types, we find out pain points of the current app: 

  • There’s a lack of connections between KeyMe kiosk and KeyMe appLots of kiosk users didn’t aware of KeyMe app.
  • Users are excited about the lockout prevention features but the app only provide mail order services. 
  • Some important functions are hidden from the main screen. For example, 70% users can’t find where to share keys and 85% users can’t find where to quickly review items in the shopping cart. 
  • Some ordering experience are not user friendly. 

PHASE TWO - Enhance User Experience

Based on the user research, we mapped out our user flow and identified 5 areas that we can improve. We asked ourselves 5 questions to start: 

  1. How might we connect app users to kiosk users?
  2. How might we help users to get higher quality key images? 
  3. How might we solve frustrations on some disabled functions because of the key type? 
  4. How might we encourage users to buy more keys?
  5. How might we encourage users to use our kiosk services? 
user flow.png

By keeping those questions in mind, I iterated our current designs: 

download (25).png

PHASE THREE - User Testings

After the iterations, we conducted several rounds of user testings use Invision. It helps us to validate our initial assumptions and guide us to make design decisions. Below is part of the final design after Phase THREE: 



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