July -August 2015


Sketch / Photoshop /  Invision


  •  Information architecture/content strategy, the extensive user and business research and built reports to the stakeholders.
  • Synthesized the research, developed user flows, sketched wireframes and created an interactive prototype.
  • UI design lead 


The Project Overview is a master repository of agencies that can be filtered by focus or locations. Our team was asked to redesign its site to be a fully-filterable/searchable resource so that individuals and brands can discover consultancies and agencies. The primary objectives was determined after client meeting, which include filter functionality, log in feature and an additional page with helpful industry resources. 

Design Deliverables: 

  • Research Report (Site analysis, Heuristic research, Feature analysis, Filter analysis, User flows, Persona)
  • Design (High-fidelity wireframes, Annotated wireframes)
  • Style Guide
  • Future Considerations
  • Prototype

site Analysis

Site Analysis were conducted of the current Biddlist website to validate original objective and determine needs for the redesign. 


  • User Journey: We tested the current site with 4 people that have never interacted with Biddlist and captured that in a user journey to determine current pain points. (Shown on right)
  • Heuristic Analysis: We took a deeper dive by comparing Biddlist against industry best practices and found that Biddlist has opportunities to improves its communication, finable, controllable, credible, clear and delight of the site, in order to increase the average session duration time and decrease the bounce rate from the site.

Information Architecture

download (11).png

Biddlist need multiple search filters, so we worked with information architecture. 


  • Filter Analysis: We analyzed all potential competitors and conducted a filter analysis to determine the common filters.
  • Card Sorting: We interviewed potential users for card sorting. We validate and determined the search criteria, which include location, size, industry, type of service, affiliation, as well as keyword search function. 


After conducted 20 Interviews, we developed and focused on the below three personas when developing our designs

  • Inexperienced Job Seeker (Primary)
  • Experienced Job Seekers
  • Agency Representitives


Features are determined based on persona needs and discussion with client. Possible features are grouped by how necessary the feature is, as well as short-term/long term needs. The short term needs  are decided based on the need to develop a strong minimum viable product -core feature-the ability to easily to find agencies. 


Homepage-  4 iterations were conducted besides the initial design based on userablity test. Homepage is really important to our users because it is the first page users interact with and it decides whether or not they stay or bounce. We provided clear writing copy, background images of agency logos, and new icons to help clarify the site purpose. 

Agency List Page- 2 Iterations were conducted besides the initial design. We created a signifier as incentive to encourage users to create an account. The icons were changed from heart to bookmark because of users feedback. The add agency button was removed from primary navigation from the initial design and were incorporated in the header in the new version. The search bar was added to the primary navigation for a better user experience of easily finding agencies on any pages. 

download (14).png

Agency Profile Page- Based on user research, we added a agency profile page. 2 iterations were conducted besides the initial design. We provided clear agency info as well as work samples. We provide option to login with LinkedIn to see connections. 


The final prototype demonstrates how a user would interact with Biddlist when using it at the first time. The prototype was mad by Invision.